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*destroys homes + kills 1,000+ civilians*

"we’re just defending ourselves!"

*targets schools and hospitals* *WE’RE JUST FIGHTING AGAINST TERRORISTS*

*sends missiles to blow to pieces red cross/crescent ships full…

Stop Israel 2k14

"A vegan driving a hummer contributes less to greenhouse gas emissions than a meat eater riding a bicycle."

— Paul Watson (via fuckyeahveganlife)

(Source:, via veganvibez)


I feel like the only way some people ate going to get educated about the matter is taking a plane to the middle east and spending a journey in the streets of israel then a journey in the palestinian streets

  • israel: you’ll do a lot of shopping and take so many selfies you’ll break kim k’s record
  • Palestine: if you’re lucky you’ll come back alive but deeply wounded and heartbroken